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Boost your customer engagement and drive growth with Nova-Tek's AI-powered marketing services and custom ChatGPT chatbots. Discover the power of personalized, intelligent automation today.

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High performance webpages

Increase the online visibility of your website with keywords that rank and AI-generated copywriting.


Gen AI virtual assitants

Improve the interaction with your customers with our virtual assistant expert in your business. 24/7 personalized attention for each of your customers.

AI Powered blogs

Improve your website’s SEO and search engine ranking with our keyword-generated blogs and artificial intelligence.

The power of AI: By the Numbers

Increase in repeat purchases
0 %
Increase in sales
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20 to 1 ROI by investing in AI personalization
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Eduardo Medina

CEO & Co-Founder

«We’re committed to making cutting-edge tech accessible to all. That’s why we focus on creating affordable, AI-powered solutions designed for small and medium-sized businesses.»


Discover some of the projects our team has worked on


Yape is a leading fintech in Latam. We offered personalized message crafting based on customer interactions to improve NPS.


Inspirall is a natural products retailer. We modify the content of all their webpage using AI, which improved their SEO.


Web 3 platform for NFTs project creation. We develop an AI system to create personalized NFTs collections.

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